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Frequently Asked Questions

Keuka Lake App


How to download the Keuka Lake App on your smartphone:

The Keuka Lake App is available on your smartphone, tablet or iPad! It is free to download! Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and type "keuka lake" into the search bar. It will come up and allow you to download the app from that page. 

How to download the Keuka Lake App on your iPad:

Go to the App Store and search "keuka lake." The app will not show up. At the top of the screen, you will see a "devices" setting. That will need to be changed from iPad to iPhone. The app will now appear and allow you to download. If you are having trouble with this - send us an email at and we will walk you through it! 

What is the Keuka Lake App?

The Keuka Lake App connects tourists, vacationers and residents with local businesses, events and the Keuka Lake community. 

Do you have social media pages?

Yes! We'd love for you to find us on Facebook under the Keuka Lake App and give us a like! You can also follow our Twitter and Instagram pages by searching @keukalakeapp!

What are explore buttons?

Explore buttons are the 5 main buttons on the bottom of your screen while using the app. These explore buttons are Eat, Stay, Explore, Events and More. Use them to help you navigate through the app.

What are action buttons?

Action buttons are the 3 buttons near the top of each business page that allow you to get turn-by-turn directions, call, email, or visit the business website or Facebook page with the click of a button!

How do I manage which categories I receive push notifications from?

Go to the "...More" explore button along the bottom of the screen, scroll down to find the "Messages" page. Click the Filter icon in the upper right corner on the messages page. Check the categories you wish to receive notifications from and uncheck the ones you don't want to receive messages from. 

When will I receive push notifications from the Keuka Lake App?

Push notifications will be sent out on Thursday afternoons to let you know what is going on that weekend!

Will the Keuka Lake App work when I don't have cellphone service?

Yes - You can use and navigate through the app without cellphone service!

Planning a party?

Check out the "Wedding & Event Planning" section under the "Explore" explore button! We also have "Catering" businesses listed under the "Eat" explore button!​​

What bands are playing this weekend?

Explore through the restaurants in the "Eat" category to find out the time and date of who is playing at which restaurants! 

Need directions to a winery or brewery?

Check out the "Wineries & Tasting" and "Micro-Brews" categories for your local wineries and breweries! You can click the "Directions" action button on each business page to get turn-by-turn directions!

​Looking for a bed & breakfast in the area?

Visit the "Stay" button and search in the "Bed & Breakfasts" category to find the one that best fits what you are looking for!

Want to make reservations for dinner?

Find the restaurant you are planning to have dinner at under the "Eat" explore button and give them a call straight from the app! Quick and simple, and no more going to Google and having to look up their number!